Mark W. Schwartz , PhD

  • John Muir Institute of the Environment

As previous Director of the Muir Institute and a conservation scientist with 25 years of academic experience, Schwartz successfully steered the Muir Institute from 2009-2016, setting the path for the success we have today. Currently, as Associate Director of Education, Schwartz is guiding the academic careers of eight graduate students participating in the UC Davis Mater of Science in Environmental Policy Making (EPM) program, housed within the Muir Institute. The EPM program provides students with advanced training in applying environmental science to real-world environmental and policy management issues, all while leveraging the position of UC Davis as among the world’s strongest campuses for environmental research.  

As a conservation biologist, Schwartz has always been motivated by interesting questions about that subset of nature over which humans have conservation concern. As a conservation scientist, Schwartz is much more interested in how nature is managed by natural resource managers and conservation practitioners. Schwartz is interested in the knowledge-implementation gap and how we can be better, as a scientific community, in addressing the information needs of the resource management community. 

Education and Degree(s)
  • Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy; Chair, Conservation Management Degree Certificate Program; Ph.D, Biology (Florida State); M.S., Ecology (University of Minnesota)