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Director of the Center for Health and the Environment, Kent Pinkerton, Featured on “The Special Report & Areva Martin Out Loud”

Kent Pinkerton, director of the Center for Health and the Environment was recently featured on The Special report with Areva Martin. As part of this program, Pinkerton touched on racism, environmental justice, and industrial air pollution. Pinkerton is featured as the last speaker of the episode. To view the episode, see the link below. 

Full Episode

Sustainable UC Davis Presents: Design a Mural for Climate Activism

Challenge Overview

UC Davis undergraduate or graduate students (individually or as a team) are invited to identify a climate-related agricultural issue in the Valley, take a position on that issue, and develop a digital or hand-drawn mural proposal that visually communicates that position to the public. (Please note:  Painting the mural itself on the barn is not a requirement.) The winning mural(s) will be awarded prizes and painted on the side of a local barn. (Barn side dimensions: 8'3" H x 64' 4" W)

UCD Researchers Jerry Woodall and Majdi Abou Najm's Labs Poised to Revolutionize Renewable Energy Storage with Latent Heat Battery

Renewable energy is great for the Earth, but can be an intermittent source of power. We need electricity even when it’s dark and when the wind’s not blowing, and energy storage remains difficult. UC Davis electrical and computer engineer, materials scientist and inventor Dr. Jerry Woodall, his lab and Land and Water Resources professor Dr.