Project Carbon

The Challenge

Billions upon billions of tons of carbon have been released from natural soils, marine sediments, grasslands and trees since the Industrial Revolution. Because of how long carbon dioxide persists in the atmosphere, finding large-scale methods for capturing carbon will be critical to controlling
Earth’s temperature throughout the coming decades.

The Vision

Project Carbon is UC Davis’ vision to create the world’s most comprehensive, state-of-the-art carbon farm. “Farming” carbon dioxide means removing the gas from the air and storing it in natural or engineered materials that act as long-term carbon sinks. By creating and demonstrating at scale a suite of innovative technologies and practices that will allow us to capture greater amounts of carbon, Project Carbon will address the single most important factor in holding the world’s temperature at a level that prevents the worst impacts on people, ecosystems and the economy. Work at our demonstration sites will include small business development and project-based training opportunities for students partnering with researchers on cutting-edge carbon-
farming methods—including soil and forest management, genetic modifications to photosynthesis, enhanced weathering of minerals, chemical engineering breakthroughs, and deploying new materials like carbon-scrubbing concrete.