Wild Energy

Wild Energy

Where energy, life, and the environment work together.

Transitioning to Renewable Energy Responsibly 

The Wild Energy Initiative facilitates research and education on interactions between energy systems and Earth, including its systems and species, to address exigent global change and sustainability issues. Specifically, this initiative works to address how we can meet the growing need for renewable energy in a way that preserves the environment.

This work is done through an interdisciplinary approach with scientists from around the world. Together, our mission is to:

  1. Produce non-partisan research products that promote better understanding of the ecology of energy for human use, including ecological effects, trade-offs, and techno-ecological synergies of energy systems;
  2. Develop scientific data and consensus to support planning and policy decisions related to sustainable energy development;
  3. Support knowledge transfer among national and international communities of energy and environmental stakeholders, including scientists, industry, non-profit organizations, communities and tribes, concerned citizens, and intergovernmental and governmental agencies

The Science of Energy

In order to solve what we feel is the most important issue facing society today, we conduct interdisciplinary energy research around the world with the following foci:

  • Agrivoltaics and Rangevoltaics
  • Ecology of Conventional, Nuclear, and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Ecological Interactions of Siting, Construction, Operations and Maintenance, and Decommissioning of Energy Systems and Supporting Infrastructure
  • Ecological Trade-Offs, Costs, and Benefits of Energy Systems
  • Energy Decisions Knowledge Systems and Decision Support Tools for Ecological Sustainability
  • Life Cycle and Structured Environmental Assessment Methods and Applications
  • Energy Geography
  • Food, Energy, Water, and Land Nexus Issues
  • Legal and Regulatory Analysis of Energy Ecology Problems and Solution

For more information, please contact Dr. Rebecca R. Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Earth System Science and Ecology at RRHernandez@ucdavis.edu or visit the Wild Energy website.