OneClimate is a unique, interconnected approach to addressing the world’s most pressing problems designed to leverage the broad expertise at UC Davis to develop practical solutions for a sustainable future in the face of a rapidly expanding global population.

At UC Davis, we believe that we can work harmoniously with differing viewpoints to solve the challenges of global climate change and reinvent the world in which we live. We are optimistic about the power of collaboration and cooperation in finding innovative solutions to a rapidly changing climate and planet. We are prepared to make a positive impact on society and focus on solutions rather than miring ourselves in the problems.

To us, global climate change is a “threat multiplier,” meaning that it presents risks to just about everything we care about. We must be open, creative, agile, dynamic, and transformative to make a real-world impact. Here at OneClimate, we recognize that we are all in this together, regardless of discipline, status, color or creed.

OneClimate moves beyond the politics and dialogue of global climate change by leveraging our own unique blend of cross-disciplinary problem-solving. Global climate change is an opportunity to think bigger and bolder–smashing the ivory tower mystique that can hold back academia–and merge disciplines to create entirely new ways of thinking about the world, for the world.

We can create a whole new world by working together – OneClimate for everyone and everything.

For additional information on OneClimate, please refer to our Background and Roadmap document and the UC Davis OneClimate website.