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Provide Input on SGC’s new Climate Change Research Program!
LA Times feat. Michael Kleeman on southern CA smog
JMIE is hiring: Executive Assistant
Why Don’t Fish Swim Upside Down? feat. Peter Wainwright
Congrats to Ann Willis, newest John Muir Institute Fellow
KQED News, the California Green Crab Invasion feat. Ted Grosholz
NY Times 'California Today' feat. Neal Williams on the million-bee truck spill
Course announcement Winter 2018: Landscape Conservation
Three Brown Bag Seminars Discuss How the Delta is Monitored
Can Corals Adapt to Climate Change? feat Rachael Bay
SF Chronicle feat. Jacob Katz, Can Fish & Farm Survive in CA?
CA WaterBlog, Peter Moyle & Rob Lusardi: Moving Salmon over Dams
Sac Bee feat. Jay Lund: A shrunken Delta tunnels project?
The Spawning Dead: Why Zombie Fish are the Anti-Apocalypse
Remote Sensing Pioneer Susan Ustin
Mitigating Climate Change with Mud? feat. Brett Milligan
Divers begin removing 30-year-old junk reef off Newport Beach coast
East Bay Times feat. David Rizzo: Sudden Oak Death moves to urban locales, East Bay & Peninsula
D-Lab Course Available: Winter 2018
Small Grants, Big Impacts: The Disappearing Salton Sea & Poor Air Quality
Cap Public Radio feat. Kent Pinkerton; air quality in N. California
Switzer Foundation 2018 Fellowship: Call for Applications
Eni Award 2018 call for proposals
Climate Change and Habitat Conversion Could Help Focus Conservation
The Arctic is Warming and its Carbon Cycle is Speeding Up
California Climate Research Institute
What to expect from the U.S. National Climate Assessment and the administration
Paris Soil Carbon Goals Not Feasible, Because of Nitrogen
Climate Experts Disappointed but Optimistic
California is Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Economy Continues to Grow
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