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JMIE Spotlight

USGS Scientists Leading the Way to Proactive Conservation in the Arctic

Innovative genetic diagnostics can identify individuals and populations with compromised health, before any outward signs of stress or illness are present, offering the earliest possible detection of systemic health issues in polar bears.

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Road Ecology Center Shines Light on Roadkill Hotspots

The California Roadkill Observation System (CROS) is gaining speed as one of the largest wildlife monitoring programs in California, with over 1100 contributors and 30,000 observations in the last six years.

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Ozone StudentsStudents and Scientists Challenge EPA on Ozone Standards

Students, teachers, politicians, and scientists traveled to Sacramento for a public hearing on EPA’s new ozone proposal, with many urging EPA to set an even higher air quality standard for the sake of public health.

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Wilburforce Ushers New Generation of Engaged Conservation Scientists

JMIE's Matt Williamson is part of a new Wilburforce initiative to improve communication and "connectivity" in conservation science.

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