Dr. Geoff Schladow

Director, Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Ph.D./B. Eng., Civil Engineering (University of Western Australia); M. Eng., Hydraulic Engineering (UC Berkeley)   

Schladow is the current and founding Director of the Tahoe Environmental Research Center. For over thirty years, Schladow’s research has focused on the interactions between the complex fluid motions found in nature and their impacts on water quality, ecosystem health and watershed processes. Schladow is an expert on both field data collection and numerical modeling, and frequently brings together teams of researchers to work on large, interdisciplinary projects. His recent research has included the development of the Lake Tahoe Clarity Model, the modeling of eutrophication in the Salton Sea, and the modeling of flows in the Napa-Sonoma marsh complex. 

Schladow has published over 170 research papers and technical reports and has guided over 70 graduate students throughout his career. He serves on numerous federal, state and local government committees, providing technical advice on lake, stream and estuary systems throughout California.