Asheley Greenlee

Financial Analyst, John Muir Institute of the Environment (530) 754-7990

George Scheer

IT Manager, John Muir Institute of the Environment

Pernille Sporon Boving Pernille Sporon Boving is a behavioral ecologist with interests focused on the intricate relationships between animals, plants and their environments. She currently spearheads the Polar Forum Initiative at the Muir Institute as well as APPLES (Arctic Plant Phenology Learning throught Engaged Science), which aims to prepare middle school, high school, and undergraduate educators in polar research […]

Dr. Steven Grodsky Dr. Steven Grodsky is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California – Davis and, with Dr. Rebecca Hernandez, currently spearheads the Muir Institute’s Wild Energy Initiative. Steve’s research centers on the interface between renewable energy development and wildlife conservation. He currently is co-editor of a book […]

Dr. Ian Faloona Dr. Ian Faloona is an associate professor at the University of California Davis. He studied physical chemistry at UC Santa Cruz, including summer research in computational chemistry at Los Alamos National Lab, and then earned a Ph.D. in meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University. For four years in between he worked as an air […]

Dr. Susan Harrison Dr. Susan Harrison is a professor in the Environmental Science and Policy Department. Her teaching currently includes Principles of Ecology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research seeks to understand the large-scale (biogeographic, evolutionary) and small-scale (ecological) forces controlling the diversity of plant communities.   In recent years her interests have turned toward […]

Dr. Rebecca Hernandez Dr. Rebecca Hernandez is an assistant professor in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources. Her research focuses on sustainability and aridland ecology, such as California’s deserts. Hernandez is developing the new Wild Energy Initiative at the Muir Institute, which seeks to guide the world toward sustainable paths of energy development that give […]

Dr. Yufang Jin Dr. Yufang Jin is an associate professor in the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources. Her research focuses on ecological and hydrological dynamics at a landscape scale. She has developed remote sensing tools for detecting wildfires, tree mortality, and quantifying ecosystem productivity and consumptive water use. Her studies on fire-climate-vegetation relationships have provided […]

Dr. Harris Lewin Dr. Harris Lewin is a distinguished professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology and the UC Davis Genome Center. His research focuses on mammalian genome evolution and the role of chromosome rearrangements in adaptation, speciation and the origins of cancer. Lewin is leading the Earth BioGenome Project that has the ambitious aim of […]

Dr. Albert Lin Dr. Albert Lin is a professor at the School of Law, where he specializes in environmental and natural resources law.  His research interests include toxic torts, public nuisance, and the governance of climate engineering and other emerging technologies.  Prior to joining the law faculty, Al was a trial attorney for the Environment and Natural […]