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Techno–ecological synergies of solar energy for global sustainability

July 09, 2019

Authors: Rebecca R. Hernandez, Alona Armstrong, Jennifer Burney, Greer Ryan, Kara Moore-O’Leary, Ibrahima Diédhiou, Steven M. Grodsky, Leslie Saul-Gershenz, Rob Davis, Jordan Macknick, Dustin Mulvaney, Garvin A. Heath, Shane B. Easter, Madison K. Hoffacker, Michael F. Allen & Daniel M. Kammen

Bacterial communities differ between plant species and soil type, and differentially influence seedling establishment on serpentine soils

June 26, 2019

Authors: Alexandria N. Igwe and Rachel L. Vannette 

Root-associated microbial communities influence plant phenotype, growth and local abundance, yet the factors that structure these microbial communities are still poorly understood. California landscapes contain serpentine soils, which are nutrient-poor and high in heavy metals, and distinct from neighboring soils making them ideal for studying the factors that structure root microbiomes and their functions.

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