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Going BIG for the One Climate Initiative

October 28, 2019
The One Climate Initiative, championed by our Director Ben Houtlon, has been recognized for its innovation and recently has been selected by UC Davis as a BIg Idea.

Characteristics of Ice Nucleating Particles in and Around California Winter Storms

October 12, 2019

Authors: Ezra J.T. Levin, Paul J. DeMott, Kaitlyn J. Suski, Yvonne Boose, Thomas C.J. Hill, Christina S. McCluskey, Gregory P. Schill, Katherine Rocci, Hashim Al‐Mashat, Louise J. Kristensen, Gavin Cornwell, Kimberly Prather, Jason Tomlinson, Fan Mei, John Hubbe, Mikhail Pekour, Ryan Sullivan, L. Ruby Leung, Sonia M. Kreidenweis