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Materiality of Nothingness: Inspiration, Collaboration, and Craft in Devised Filmmaking

June 12, 2020

Authors: Alex Lichtenfels

If documentation is to have any value for practice, it begins by acknowledging that it is not capturing practice as objective knowledge, but according to its own craft of documentation. This article tries to document a workshop while performing a craft that attunes to the affective force of that workshop. It is also a metacommentary on documentation that performs a research role where knowledge is generated not as an articulation of practice, but as an attunement to affect through which a part of one practice unknown to another becomes embodied.

Statement from Director Benjamin Houlton

June 01, 2020
In 1997, the UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment was launched on a simple idea: that diversity is our strength and our strength is our diversity.

Video: OneClimate Big Idea Virtual Event

May 14, 2020
Climate change is the defining challenge of the 21st century. Learn more from One Climate Big Idea Champion Benjamin Houlton during this online talk

Outdoor Air Pollution and New-Onset Airway Disease

April 17, 2020

Authors: George D Thurston, John R Balmes, Erika Garcia, Frank D Gilliland, Mary B Rice, Tamara Schikowski, Laura S Van Winkle, Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Esteban G Burchard, Christopher Carlsten, Jack R Harkema, Haneen Khreis, Steven R Kleeberger, Urmila P Kodavanti, Stephanie J London, Rob McConnell, Dave B Peden, Kent E Pinkerton, Joan Reibman, Carl W White

The California Baseline Ozone Transport Study (CABOTS)

April 01, 2020

Authors: Ian C. Faloona, Sen Chiao, Arthur J. Eiserloh, Raul J. Alvarez II, Guillaume Kirgis, Andrew O. Langford, Christoph J. Senff, Dani Caputi, Arthur Hu, Laura T. Iraci, Emma L. Yates, Josette E. Marrero, Ju-Mee Ryoo, Stephen Conley , Saffet Tanrikulu , Jin Xu, and Toshihiro Kuwayama