A World of Cobenefits: Solving the Global Nitrogen Challenge

Authors: Benjamin Z. Houlton  Maya Almaraz  Viney Aneja  Amy T. Austin  Edith Bai  Kenneth G. Cassman  Jana E. Compton  Eric A. Davidson  Jan Willem Erisman  James N. Galloway  Baojing Gu  Guolin Yao  Luiz A. Martinelli  Kate Scow  William H. Schlesinger  Thomas P. Tomich  Chao Wang  Xin Zhang

Nitrogen is a critical component of the economy, food security, and planetary health. Many of the world's sustainability targets hinge on global nitrogen solutions, which, in turn, contribute lasting benefits for (i) world hunger; (ii) soil, air, and water quality; (iii) climate change mitigation; and (iv) biodiversity conservation. Balancing the projected rise in agricultural nitrogen demands while achieving these 21st century ideals will require policies to coordinate solutions among technologies, consumer choice, and socioeconomic transformation.

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