Researchers Show How Soil Is Unsuspecting Weapon In Fighting Climate Change

By Marlee Ginter for CBS Sacramento

 We endure the results of climate change in California with raging wildfires and grueling drought seasons.  One of the contributing factors is carbon dioxide, but researchers discovered an unusual weapon against climate change right beneath our feet.  They believe soil is a lot more than just the dirt under your shoes.

“Climate change is right here, right now.  Whether it’s the drought we’re experiencing, the wildfire, the flood, the hurricane,” said UC Davis Professor Ben Houlton with the Department of Land, Air and Water.

UC Davis students have spent the last three decades figuring out how soil can actually store carbon.

“Compost, it makes the plants grow more and they’re able to suck more CO2 out of the air and store that into organic material in the soil,” said Maya Almaraz, Program Manager Working Lands Innovation Center.

Think of it like adding probiotics to improve your gut health.  They’re adding compost or even rock dust to improve soil health.

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