Going BIG for the One Climate Initiative

By Lisa Howard

The One Climate Initiative panel at the Big Ideas Symposium from left to right: Ayako Yasuda, a professor of finance in the UC Davis Graduate School of Management and an expert in impact investing, climate finance and socially responsible investment; “Melinda Adams, a PhD student in Native American Studies and experienced collaborator in ecological research with Native American Tribes; Helene Margolis, an associate adjunct professor in the UC Davis School of Medicine and an expert in human health and climate interactions; Eric Post, a professor in the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology and an expert in the ecological consequences of climate change and the impact of climate change on wildlife; and Ben Houlton, a professor in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources and director of the Muir Institute.

Muir Institute fellows and researchers presented the One Climate Initiative to a packed room at the Big Ideas Symposium at UC Davis on October 18. The half-day event at the Conference Center was a chance for the campus community and the public to learn about the many forward-looking “Big Ideas” being promoted by the university.

The One Climate Initiative, championed by Muir Institute Director Ben Houlton, provides a blueprint to catalyze UC Davis faculty — and affiliated partners — to strategically tackle climate change, the truly defining challenge of the 21st Century. “We can harness the ‘DNA’ of UC Davis to be a problem solver,” said Houlton, noting that more than 500 faculty are affiliated with the Muir Institute.

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