Director Benjamin Houlton Issues Remote-Work Policy for Muir Institute

UPDATE:  I write to extend the remote-work order for the Muir Institute through May 1st. This update is consistent with the sheltering in place order for Yolo County. The remote-work policy excludes operations that are currently identified as “critical,” particularly those associated with animal care, shipping and receiving, and the small numbers of staff who are adhering to physical distancing recommendations. The remote-work policy will be updated at the end of April.


The Muir Institute has initiated a remote-work policy effective 3/12/2013 – 3/23/13 . This policy will be updated weekly in accordance with university policy, public health expertise (WHO, NIH), and any changes in the rate of infection and spread of COVID-19. No members of the 150 plus staff and 300 plus faculty affiliates in the Muir Institute have tested positive to COVID-19. The Muir Institute places the health and welfare of its staff, faculty, and students above all else. Consistent with our values of cooperation, collective action, and scientific advancement for the common good, we are doing our part to ‘flatten the curve’ to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our community.