Polar Forum



Fostering awareness of climate change impacts on the unique natural, cultural, and societal features of the Polar Regions through research and education.

The Polar Regions’ Vulnerability to Climate Change 

The Polar Regions are characterized by unique high-latitude systems that are at the forefront of climate change, having experienced a rate of warming approximately twice that of the Earth as a whole. At the Polar Forum, we believe that highlighting the unique features of the Polar Regions and their vulnerability to climate change provides new opportunities for the development of climate solutions that benefit people in California and beyond.

Polar Research: A Bridge Between UC Davis and the Community

By highlighting the Polar Regions as an exemplar of the urgency of climate change, the Polar Forum strengthens the role of UC Davis as a world leader in environmental education. The Forum engages the community through unique outreach events, bridges the gap between UC Davis’ world-class polar research expertise and the public, and acts as a conduit of expertise on polar issues to the media, policy makers and University of California system.

A Collaborative Approach to Solve Climate Change in the Polar Regions

UC Davis has breadth and depth of domestic and international polar research, currently housing 42 faculty members, staff, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students with recent, ongoing, or planned future educational and research activities in the Arctic or Antarctic. Polar science and research at UC Davis encompasses a uniquely broad array of disciplines – from sea ice dynamics and atmospheric chemistry, to paleoclimatology, anthropology, and Native American studies.

For more information on the Polar Forum, please contact Pernille Sporon Boving or Dr. Eric Post or visit the Polar Forum website.