OneClimate is a unique, interconnected approach to addressing the world’s most pressing problems designed to leverage the broad expertise at UC Davis to develop practical solutions for a sustainable future in the face of a rapidly expanding global population. At UC Davis, we believe that we can work harmoniously with differing viewpoints to solve the challenges […]

Big Environmental Data

The Muir Institute is leading the way in collecting, visualizing and modeling big environmental data to provide unprecedented insights into our changing world.   Elsevier Data Science Scholar  In February 2018, the Muir Insitute will welcome a new Elsevier Data Science Scholar to our team, who will work to advance cutting-edge data analysis (“Big Data”) techniques as […]

Wild Energy

Where energy, life, and the environment work together. The Wild Energy Initiative facilitates research and education on interactions between energy systems and Earth, including its systems and species, to address exigent global change and sustainability issues. Our mission is to: Produce non-partisan research products that promote better understanding of the ecology of energy for human […]

Polar Forum

Our mission is to engage the public in polar research and education to foster awareness of climate change impacts on the unique natural, cultural, and societal features of the Polar Regions. By highlighting the Polar Regions as an exemplar of the urgency of climate change, the Polar Forum strengthens the role of UC Davis as […]

World Water Initiative

Bringing California’s water solutions to the world… The World Water Initiative is one of UC Davis’ Big Ideas. These projects are the centerpieces of the university’s capital campaign, designed to support transformative new programs. The Challenge Water connects us all—on campus, across California and globally. Ensuring clean, sustainable water is an urgent challenge. For more […]