Camp Fire shows need for early detection: How tech and artificial intelligence can help

The Mercury News By Levi Sumagaysay | | Bay Area News Group PUBLISHED: November 9, 2018 at 8:01 am | UPDATED: November 12, 2018 at 4:37 pm   The fast-moving Camp Fire caused traffic gridlock as Butte Country residents tried to evacuate last week, leading some of them to abandon their vehicles as the fire […]

Fellow Hernandez Highlighted as one of UC Davis’ Top Women in STEM

Rebecca R. Hernandez, Assistant Professor, Earth System Science Rebecca Hernandez grew up in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains among ample coastal sage scrub. She didn’t know at the time that it is one of the country’s most endangered plant communities, threatened by urban development and exotic species invasion. Hernandez spent her childhood hiking […]

Meet the 2018 Class of Muir Institute Fellows who are Solving Real-world Environmental Problems

The 2018 Fellows show off their Muir Institute hats during the institute’s annual open house at The Barn on October 23. From left to right: Ian Faloona, Albert Lin, Yufang Jin, Susan Harrison, Beth Rose Middleton, Steven Ostoja, Chris Vogel and Ben Houlton. (Lisa Howard/UC Davis) October 29, 2018 Read the original story by Lisa […]

Fellow Lewin’s Earth BioGenome Project Official Launched

Read the original story By Lisa Howard on November 2, 2018 in Science & Technology Key scientific partners and funders from around the globe gathered in London yesterday (Nov. 1) to officially launch the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), a global effort to sequence the genetic code of all the planet’s eukaryotes — some 1.5 million known species, including […]

Director Houlton in “Waking Up to Wildfires”

The October 2017 Fire Siege was the most destructive fire Northern California had ever seen, taking 44 lives, burning almost 9,000 structures, and scorching 245,000 acres. One year later, many survivors are just getting back on their feet as they head into another wildfire season. Emmy-winning filmmaker Paige Bierma has been documenting the recovery in […]

Fellow Hernandez asks the question: Can solar energy and wildlife coexist?

Can solar energy and wildlife coexist? Led by Fellow Rebecca Hernandez, the Muir Institute’s latest initiative, Wild Energy, represents a key facet of OneClimate and aims to finding solar solutions amid desert tortoises, butterflies and the nation’s biggest buildings. Read the original story on the Washington Post website, by Kat Kerlin, UC Davis, September 9, […]

Fellow Post discusses how nature’s seasonal clock is thrown off-kilter as Greenland warms

As Greenland Warms, Nature’s Seasonal Clock Is Thrown Off-Kilter Read the original story on Yale Environment 360, by Cheryl Katz • September 13, 2018 For millennia, ecosystems in Greenland and throughout the Arctic have been regulated by seasonal changes that govern the greening of vegetation and the migration and reproduction of animals. But a rapidly warming climate and disappearing […]

Director Houlton Discusses The Case for Optimism, One CO2 at a Time

The Case for Optimism, One CO2 at a Time Read the original story at the UC Davis Science and Climate Blog. by Benjamin Houlton | Sep 7, 2018 A sustainable building in Paris with green facade made of living plants (Getty Images) Climate change is a big problem. It’s vast, complex, and downright depressing to […]

Earth Biogenome Project Mapping the World One Species at a Time

Capital Public Radio Presents: UC Davis Professor Harris Lewin joins insight to talk about the Earth BioGenome Project, an effort to map the DNA of every living thing on Earth in the hopes of saving biodiversity. With a team of researchers, he’ll begin compiling the genetic information of all the world’s species in hopes of […]

Do shrimp hold the key to a clearer Lake Tahoe? Researchers plan to find out

by Filipa Loannou In recent decades, Lake Tahoe has grown murkier and murkier, with people quick to blame obvious culprits: a rise in tourism and development, along with fluctuations in drought conditions and rainfall. But an unlikely crustacean culprit may also play a role in the story of the lake’s decreasing clarity, some researchers now believe, according to the […]