Fellow Hernandez’s Research Highlights 20 Overlooked Benefits of Distributed Solar Energy

20 Overlooked Benefits of Distributed Solar Energy Study Outlines Advantages of Solar on Rooftops, Other Developed Areas By UC Davis News and Media Relations on July 9, 2019 in Environment Solar panels shade cars, produce energy and spare natural lands at this parking lot in Atlanta, Georgia. (Getty) A study released today provides the most […]

California’s Latest Weapon Against Climate Change Is Low-Tech Farm Soil

By Lauren Sommer Electric cars and solar panels are the most visible signs of California’s ambitious climate change policies. Now the state is setting its sights on a lower-tech way to cut carbon emissions: soil. It’s spending millions of dollars to help farmers grow plants, which absorb carbon and help move it into the soil […]

Muir Institute Graduate Fellowships Awarded

In 2018, the John Muir Institute of the Environment awarded the inaugural set of Muir Institute Graduate Fellowships to six graduate students working across a variety of projects that encompass many of the Muir Institute’s Core Initiatives including Big Environmental Data, One Climate, World Water Initiative, and Wild Energy. The fellowships provided $5000.00 for research […]

CSTARS’ Algorithm for Early Detection of California Wildfires Featured in Data Makes Possible

Read the original story here.  To combat future devastation, scientists across the public and private sectors are turning to data-driven technologies to better detect wildfires before they spread. Machine learning is one technology proving critical in providing actionable insights to help first responders identify wildfires early and come up with informed strategies to combat the […]

Director Houlton Talks Hot and Cold Records in a Changing Climate

Over the past 20 years, Americans have been twice as likely to sweat through record-breaking heat rather than shiver through record-setting cold, a new Associated Press data analysis shows. Since 1999, the ratio has been two warm records set or broken for every cold one. In 16 of the last 20 years, there have been […]

How rising sea levels could impact Delta, Sacramento Valley

Kevin Oliver Reporter   ISLETON, Calif. (KCRA) — As the sea level rises, it could impact more than the California coastline. The rising water could impact the Sacramento region. Some researchers said the rise could threaten levees in the area and increase the risk of flooding throughout the Delta and the Sacramento Valley. UC Davis […]

Fellow Post Releases New Book “Time in Ecology: A Theoretical Framework”

Time in Ecology: A Theoretical Framework (Monographs in Population Biology)  by Eric Post Ecologists traditionally regard time as part of the background against which ecological interactions play out. In this book, Muir Institute Fellow Eric Post argues that time should be treated as a resource used by organisms for growth, maintenance, and offspring production. Post uses […]

Muir Institute and Office of Sustainability Team Up to Drive UC Mitigation Projects

Funding Opportunities for Climate Mitigation Projects In support of UC’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative, the University is soliciting ideas from members of the UC community for off-campus projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or sequester carbon. Under UC’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative, the UC system has committed to reducing its net GHGs from its operations to […]

Muir Institute Initiative Polar Day Forum Features First Woman to Ski Solo across Antarctica

Read the original story By Lisa Howard March 13, 2019 The first woman to ski alone across Antarctica, a professor who has written a book about the offbeat ephemera of polar expeditions, a painter who spent three months camping in Antarctica, and a poet-naturalist who has been a guide in some of the globe’s most remote places […]

Droughts and Progress – Lessons from California’s 2012-2016 Drought

California WaterBlog By Jay Lund, Josue Medellin, John Durand, and Kathleen Stone Lake Cachuma in Southern California, February 2017 Droughts and floods have always tested water management, driven water systems improvements, and helped water organizations and users maintain focus and discipline.  California’s 2012-2016 drought and the very wet 2017 water year were such tests.  Historically, […]