Cultural Burning Lights Way to ‘Rethinking Fire’

By Kat Kerlin on October 1, 2020, in Environment   As wildfires burn bigger, hotter and more frequently each year, state and local agencies, groups and landowners are increasingly looking to Native people — the original land managers — for guidance on living with fire. A new multimedia feature, “Rethinking Fire: Cultural Burning and the Art […]

Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety Manager, Heather Riden, Discusses Wildfires’ Effect on California Farmworkers

By Alejandra Borunda for National Geographic During the 2018 Thomas Fires, which ripped across almost 500 square miles in the Santa Barbara area and caused unhealthy air quality for weeks, farmworkers stayed in the fields through the worst of the smoke—in many cases without respirators, hazard pay, information in their own language, or any recognition […]

Faculty Fellow Helene Margolis Warns of the Dangers Presented by Warming Climates Amidst a Pandemic

By Courtney Vinopal for PBS Newshour As temperatures soared throughout the country in July, local and state officials had to adjust their crisis response plans to account for the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic. Protecting Americans from the heat has been particularly challenging for areas of the country — such as Arizona, Texas and Florida — […]

Faculty Fellow Helene Margolis discusses Climate Change and the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Chelsea Harvey for The Scientific American Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes and extreme weather events are difficult to deal with in the best of times. But coordinating evacuations or opening shelters, while also adhering to social distancing orders, is a unique challenge. Now, with heat wave season swiftly approaching, public health experts are urging cities to think […]

2020 John Muir Fellow, Helene Margolis, Comments on the Recent Heatwave Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Tony Barboza, Louis Sahagun, Joseph Serna for the LA Times. So far in the 2000s in the United States, on average there are two daily record high maximum temperatures for every one daily record low minimum temperature, said Gerald Meehl, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. “This means with global […]


It’s going to be a different world for us and especially our kids.
— Ben Houlton

Office of Research Susan Ustin Appointed Interim Director of John Muir Institute of the Environment – Office of Research

By Lisa Howard August 3, 2020 Vice Chancellor for Research Prasant Mohapatra announced the appointment of Susan Ustin as interim director of the John Muir Institute of the Environment effective August 1. Ustin, a distinguished professor emeritus of environmental and resource sciences and the director of the UC Davis Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote […]

Director Houlton on “An effective climate change solution may lie in rocks beneath our feet” — The Conversation

Why has Earth’s climate remained so stable over geological time? The answer just might rock you. Rocks, particularly the types created by volcanic activity, play a critical role in keeping Earth’s long-term climate stable and cycling carbon dioxide between land, oceans and the atmosphere. Scientists have known for decades that rock weathering – the chemical breakdown of […]

Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions (4-week course)

GROW WITH UC Become a climate champion! Here’s how. What do a Nobel Laureate, Pulitzer Prize author and composer, MacArthur fellow, Pope Francis’s advisors and several UC faculty and staff have in common? They’ve all been involved in developing Bending the Curve, a climate change education protocol. You can benefit from their collaboration and dedication by […]

Dr. Sarah Oktay Named 2020 President of the Society of Women Geographers

PRESS RELEASE             Dr. Sarah Oktay elected as President of the Society of Women Geographers   Sarah Oktay, PhD, is the Director of Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve and the Director of Strategic Engagement for the UC Davis Natural Reserve System which is part of the John Muir Institute of the Environment.  She was […]