How We Work


The Muir Institute is an applied research cooperative composed of UC Davis faculty, staff and students with deep expertise in seemingly every aspect of science and society. We foster cross-disciplinary partnerships among teams of experts who take aim at the most challenging environmental, economic, human health and welfare problems of our time.  

At the Muir Institute, we support innovation and discovery aimed at solving real-world environmental problems by catalyzing research discovery across more than 300 faculty-experts from all of UC Davis’s colleges and professional schools. Muir Institute faculty are committed to strengthening the scientific foundation for environmental decision making through collective entrepreneurship, a team-oriented approach that recognizes the complexities of environmental problems and the societal context in which they occur. 

We also provide the public, policy makers, business- and industry-leaders with unrivaled access to UC Davis’s world-leading environmental community, acting as global consultants, innovators and problem solvers. Our coordinated outreach activities transfer key information to diverse stakeholders and put novel ideas into practice.   

With the primary goal of devising innovative solutions to the environmental sustainability challenges of the 21st century, the Muir Institute also champions science and technological innovation, provides campus-wide leadership, hosts centers and projects, and seeds research and educational initiatives to solve real-world environmental problems. The institute links science and technology to policy by providing the intellectual setting for interactions between researchers, regulatory agencies, policymakers and the public.