Fact check: The coronavirus pandemic isn’t slowing climate change


by Matthew Brown


The claim: Drops in carbon emissions aren’t enough to significantly curb climate change

With the coronavirus pandemic shutting down most global activity, a consequent crash in global carbon emissions has been widely reported.

While analysts agree the historic lockdowns will significantly lower emissions, some environmentalists argue the drop is nowhere near enough.

“Hey so it turns out that the people of earth accidentally did a global experiment to see if every individual could course correct climate change through mass personal change of habits, and it turns out, no! We can’t!,” a Facebook post shared more than 4,000 times reads.

The post shares a screenshot of another post that links to a Scientific American article with the chatter, “Despite all the ‘natural is healing’ commentary global CO2 emissions have not considerably declined during the pandemic. This suggests emissions levels relate less to individual behavior than larger structural factors only addressable through regulation.”

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