One Climate Challenge Fund


April 17-18, 2020

UC Davis is poised to lead the world in developing global climate solutionby leveraging our proven track record of interdisciplinary research for maximum societal impact.  At the John Muir Institute for the Environment, our One Climate Initiative will lead the way forward to planetary resilience by using a holistic approach to catalyze a diverse and powerful nexus of change-makers. 

Understanding how to protect people and our planet is more important now than ever. Through a state-of-the-art carbon farming consortium, collaborative development of new technologies and climate policies, high-impact research, outreach and student training, One Climate will deploy solutions that improve quality of life now and for generations to come.

Don’t miss a chance to be a part of something big on Give Day! Please consider donating, and help spread the word through our One Climate Challenge Gift. 

If 25 gifts are received to the One Climate Excellence Fund on Give Day, an additional $5,000 gift from our generous donor, Michelle LaGrandeur, will unlock. 

Act fast!  The deadline to make a gift is by 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 18You can make your gift by clicking here:


For more on the One Climate Initiative, click here.