Sacramento Valley Region Climate Report Now Available in Spanish


California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment is a series of reports that provide new science and planning tools to ready the state for climate change. The reports detail the effects of climate change now and in the future so communities can prepare for more severe wildfires, more frequent and longer droughts, rising sea levels, increased flooding, and more extreme weather events.

The Sacramento Valley Region Report represents one of 13 summary reports within California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment. The regional report was led by the University of California, Davis professors Benjamin Houlton and Jay Lund, and includes several solutions to minimize or avoid climate threats between now and 2050. Additional leading authors of the report include Steven Greco, Jonathan London, Helene Margolis, Debbie Niemeier, Joan Ogden, Paul Ullrich and Stephen Wheeler of UC Davis, and Steven Ostoja of USDA Climate Hub.

Research scientist James Thorne also was lead author on the overall assessment’s capstone report, which summarizes the key findings.

We are pleased to announce that the initial pages of the Sacramento Valley Regional Report are now available in Spanish. You can find the Spanish version of the report here.