Muir Institute Supports SOFA at the 2018 CONNECT Art Expo


The Muir Institute is proud to support the SOFA (Sculptural Objects Art & Functional design) team at the Annual 2018 CONNECT Art Expo.

CONNECT is an exhibition design competition for schools all over the US. For the past three years, UC Davis has been accepted to participate in the competition. UC Davis is #3 in the world for campus sustainability, and is widely recognized for its sustainable practices and agriculture. As students and designers, the SOFA team aims to push for sustainable practices in everyday life. The team’s understanding of design and biomaterials positions them to demonstrate how sustainable materials can offer a future with products that are functional, desirable, and biodegradable.

This year’s UC Davis submission is an immersive installation titled, BLOOM. The UC Davis Design Department emphasizes social responsibility, human-centered practice and sustainability. The department is uniquely poised with a biodesign program which gives students the opportunity to work with innovative and sustainable materials.

Given the opportunity to build an exhibit for an international audience, the SOFA team dedicated BLOOM to tackling the negative environmental impact of consumerism by  providing a comfortable, desirable and modern lounge space, with everything except the electronics composed completely of biodegradable materials. The SOFA team allowed the audience to connect with the environment through materials like mycelium, a unique biomaterial grown from root-like strings that extend from underneath mushrooms. BLOOM proves that products aren’t limited by their life spans.

The Muir Institute is proud to support such an important opportunity to bring together science and humanities to effect meaningful societal change. You can find out more about UC Davis at SOFA Connect here.