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FEMA, Fuel and Forests--JMIE in the News

Friends and affiliates of the John Muir Institute of the Environment were mentioned in the news this week:

Nicholas Pinter was featured in NPR Morning Edition's Debt-Laden FEMA Is Slow To Act On Program That Buys Flooded Houses on 09/27/2017: "...Nicholas Pinter is a geologist at the University of California at Davis who studies flooding. He says there are now 30,000 such properties, some... " the full story is here.

The San Francisco Chronicle Online’s Fuel-efficient cars often paired with gas guzzlers, study finds features several UC Davis economists and JMIE alumnus Christopher Knittel; published 09/26/2017: “... A study released Tuesday by economists at UC Davis shows that families who own fuel-efficient cars tend to buy big, powerful gas guzzlers as their second vehicle, largely defeating the purpose of the little petrol sippers in their garages. ...” read more here.

Brian Smithers makes the news again, this time in the Los Angeles Times Online, Ancient bristlecone pine forests are being overwhelmed by climate change released 10/01/2017: "... To find out, UC Davis ecologist Brian Smithers visited the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in Inyo County on a recent weekday, stopping at a site where limber pines have leapfrogged over bristlecones to start new forests high on the slopes where trees had not grown before. ..." the entire piece is here.

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