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Faculty Civic Engagement Made Easy

From our UC Davis Colleagues in the Grad Groups in Ecology, Community Development and Soils & Biochemistry:

Engaging with senators and fostering a nationwide conversation about the value of science in leadership and public policy presents a real opportunity to change the way that science intersects with the federal government. A group of UC Davis graduate students is working to promote the appointment of executive branch leaders who demonstrate a track record of evidence-based decision-making that is rooted in scientific evidence and consensus. As cabinet nominations and confirmations continue, engage with your representatives and advocate for science-informed leadership and policy. Use the online Web App to write a customizable letter and follow up with a phone call. For more information, contact

Emilie (1)        Frank (1)      Frannie (2)

Jess   (1)           Julea (1)         Katy (3)

Madeline (1)   Rebecca (1)   Scott (1)

(1) Graduate Group in Ecology

(2)Community Development Graduate Group

(3) Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group

University of California, Davis

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