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Faculty Civic Engagement Made Easy--Impactful Opportunity

From our UC Davis Colleagues in the Grad Groups in Ecology, Community Development and Soils & Biochemistry to UC Davis Faculty:

A team of UC Davis graduate students started a nation-wide grassroots effort, Science Informed Leadership,** to encourage scientists and science-concerned citizens to take action around the federal cabinet level appointees related to science-relevant positions. We are calling on you, as faculty at a prestigious university, to make phone calls to voice your opinion regarding the qualifications of Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy.

As you know, sixteen national labs are under the jurisdiction of the DOE and are at the forefront of physics, chemistry, nuclear energy, and technology innovation. As faculty, you can certainly commiserate with the struggles of managing 8-10 graduate students, let alone sixteen National Laboratories. As leading faculty, you have immense power to speak up to your representatives. It is imperative to make calls today, Monday, and Tuesday and weigh in on the importance of having an experienced and qualified scientist at the helm of the DOE.

Action Steps Made Easy:

1.    Use the Science-Informed Leadership App to generate contact information for your local representatives and find a phone script template

2.    Call your local representatives using the phone script on our web-app or speak from the heart about your own experiences as a leading research scientist in the U.S.

3.    Forward this email through your networks

4.   Enjoy an excellent day.

Please visit the website or contact us for more information!


Emilie1 Frank1 Frannie2

Jess1 Julea1 Katy3

Madeline1 Rebecca1 Scott1


1Graduate Group in Ecology

2Community Development Graduate Group

3Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group

University of California, Davis


**Science Informed Leadership has written an open letter to the Senate that >100,000 students from across the country signed onto addressing the need for qualified leaders to be directing the country's science agenda. They've also been leading phone banking and letter writing campaign efforts over the past month, resulting in 2,000+ contacts to Senators, to evaluate the science-relevant cabinet nominees critically for their qualifications to be leading scientifically-driven agencies.

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