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Dewey D. Y. Ryu

Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Research Interests:

Biochemical Engineering with Biomolecular Engineering emphasis; Bio-pharmaceutical Biotechnology; Metabolic Pathway Engineering; Quantitative Systems Biology for analyses of gene expression and secretion of recombinant gene products; Recombinant and non-Recombinant Fermentation Technology; Mammalian Cell Culture Technology for production of therapeutic proteins; Gene Regulation and Protein Expression of Adult Stem Cells for controlled proliferation and therapeutic applications; Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology for production and biotransformation of high-value-added products; Agricultural Biotechnology for production of nutraceuticals from agricultural resources; Environmental Biotechnology for bioremediation; Bioprocess Technology Development for biorefining of renewable resources and production of biofuel as an alternate energy source.

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