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Daniel Anderson

Professor Emeritus, Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology

Research Statement: Avian ecology, especially marine birds; raptors; waterfowl; endangered species; pollution ecology; management of endangered and non-game species.

1. Resource Inventories and Management Recommendations for Marine Birds and Mammals Utilizing State Parks on the California Coast.
2. Marine Bird Ecology and Management in the California Current Region.
3. Pollution Hazards from Agricultural and Related Practices and the Use of Wildlife as Indicators.
4. Damage Assessment Evaluation (Through Behavior and Ecology Studies) of Selected Seabird Species Affected by Oil-fouling.
5. Studies of the Swainson's Hawk: Relationships of Distribution, Behavior and Reproduction to Land-use and Flood-control Projects.
6. Effects of Organo-mercury and Organo-chlorine Contaminants on Western Grebes and Osprey in the Clear Lake Ecosystem.
7. Long-term Studies of Seabirds in the Gulf of California, Mexico.
8. Long-term Status of White Pelicans Utilizing Water-development Projects in California and the Effects of Drought.

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