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Associate Director Wanted - JMIE

Associate Director - Apply by 8/11/2017

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Associate Director Wanted - JMIE

Under the direction of the Director and the CAO of JMIE, responsible for large-scale strategic initiatives, which carry substantial consequences of mission success.

Primary responsibilities include coordination, management, and fostering of interdisciplinary scientific research related initiatives. Foster external relationships leading to funding diversification and corporate and non-profit partnerships, leading strategic initiatives to success, assisting in the development and oversight of an external and internal advisory boards, and assist in support of large development activities.

Guide critical strategic planning meetings, in addition to analyzing, aligning and recommending potential resources for JMIE program and research priorities, particularly in OneClimate, World Water Institute, and Global Sustainability Conference Center. Participate with high-level management in strategic thinking and planning to align resources with organizational priorities. Anticipate the needs of high-level statewide, multi-campus UC initiatives.

Responsible for many aspects of project and contract/grant acquisition, administration, and implementation. Responsible for business operations in support of large-scale initiatives. Develop proposals and recommendations to guide and support a broader strategic direction for the Institute. Represents  JMIE to external agencies and internal constituencies.

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